Distributor Program:

Max-EZ had setup a proper Distributor program which are able to help and guide new distributor into the expertise needed for their first sale.Max-EZ understand that our success is largely dependent upon the success of our distributor. To that, we have design our distributor program to make each distributors as successful as possible.

Below are some benefits of our distributor program:

Customer leads.
We don't compete with our distributors. When end-users come to us, we try to pair them up with appointed local distributor.

Marketing support. 
The sales process is a collaborative effort. We do everything in our power to help our distributors to increase our products’ marketing share. Such as advertising, event support, exhibition support, products promotion,

No Upfront Cost. 
You do not need to pay us anything upfront to become our distributor.

Well QC. 
All our products are well-quality control checked, and proven by many projects.

We allow our appointed distributor to hyper-link their existing website to our website. Creating a two way interaction for the end user to find information to what they need.

Be Our Regional Distributors:

Max-EZ is actively seeking enthusiastic distributors globally. Thank you for your interest in becoming our distributor. We know that spreading your knowledge and enthusiasm are vital to the growth and success of our company. Because of this, we want you to share in our success! If you are interested in developing a relationship with Max-EZ then please contact us at: cooperation@max-ez.com


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