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Max-EZ Limited 3 Year Product Warranty Policy

What's covered?
Max-EZ warrants to purchasers of its products from Authorized Max-EZ Resellers that its products are free from defects in the craftsmanship and build quality under normal use of the intended application and installation conditions.

How will Max-EZ handle warranty claims?
At its discretion, Max-EZ electronics co., ltd. will either repair the defective product or replace the product with an item of equal or greater specifications that restores the functionality of the system.

When does Coverage Begin?
Max-EZ's Limited Warranty begins on the date of purchase as listed on the sales or delivery receipt from your Authorized Max-EZ Resellers.

How long is the coverage?
Max-EZ's Limited 3 Year Warranty will remain in effect for three (3) years. The warranty for all custom build and special order products will remain in effect for one (1) year from the date of sale.

What are the Exclusions and Limitations of Max-EZ's Limited Product Warranty?
Max-EZ's is not responsible for products purchased from unauthorized sources of distribution such as end user websites, auction websites, unauthorized dealers, and unauthorized websites. Purchases made from an unauthorized source make this warranty null and void.  Any damage resulting in the removal of the product in question is the sole responsibility of the person or company that removes it. Any damage due to the misuse, improper installation, modification or improper packing or shipping, power surges or acts of nature will result in void of warranty. All end user returns must be submitted to the original reseller they were acquired from. Power supplies, batteries, cables, or any other accessories used with the item in question are also excluded under this warranty. The maximum liability of this warranty will not exceed the MSRP pricing set by Max-EZ at the time of the purchase. This warranty is voided if the serial number labeling has been tampered with, removed or modified.

What else do I need to know? 
Max-EZ's Limited Warranty guarantees that its products will work as they were designed and engineered for their intended function during the time of their production. Unless otherwise specified, Max-EZ will not be responsible for any Taxes, Duties, VAT’s or shipping charges on all warranty claims. This warranty does not guarantee that Max-EZ's products or the technology used within its products will not become obsolete and incompatible with future technologies. Max-EZ will not provide warranty coverage for obsolete products, discontinued products, technology changes as well as any act of G-D incidents. To the maximum extent permitted by law, this limited product warranty and the remedies set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies and conditions, whether oral or written, express or implied.


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